Tariri White Wine 2015

Tariri White wine 2015

Wine estate: Armenia Wine

Region: Armavir, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia

Grape variety: Kangun – 50%, Aligoté – 25%, Chenin – 25%

Alcohol content: 14%

This is the story of an ancient state, an ancient culture, and of course, ancient vineyards with local grape varieties. However, Armenia is known in the world best for its cognacs, while its amazing wines have only recently entered the international market to mesmerize with their elegance and taste. Indeed, this is the case when all pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place: unique grape, volcanic soil, continental climate, high altitudes, and enthusiastic people eager to introduce their culture to the whole world through the best possible medium – their wine.

The climate of the Aragatsotn Valley is mountainous with cool temperatures, but is known to vary. The vineyards of the wine estate were established here in 2006 on volcanic slabs at an altitude of 1,000 m.

The wine estate is still young and growing fast, thanks to the assistance of expert winemaker Jean-Baptiste Soula. The Tariri white was created by oenologist Mathieu Bessonnet and stands out for its consistency and ability to preserve its qualities over a long period of time, even after the bottle has been opened. The Armenian «Kangun,» which plays a leading role in this wine, is translated as «the tough, the consistent one.» It is also the main variety of the vineyards in Aragatsotn Valley, which came to be by cross-breeding the Georgian Rkatziteli and Sukholimanskoe white grape. A rare and unusual combination of grapes is used in Tariri, as the local Kangun is mixed with the French Aligote and Chenin. Such a genealogy can be observed in the pale golden reflections of its citrus hues, rich and stable smelling notes, and crisply fresh minerality of this beautiful union.

This wine is very friendly; it tells the story of a careful selection of grapes, patient ageing, and slow and steady fermentation at low temperatures. The short period of ageing in oak barrels hints that you should admire the color of the wine in the glass and focus on its fragrance and taste.

Awards: 2 stars at 1001Degustations.com, France