Code de Vino

Today, the ability to correctly consume beverages, or any liquid on the whole, is elevated to the role of art, which helps us reveal our true nature. The Code de Vino project is addressed to anyone who loves exploring the distinguished and exciting world of taste.

Code de Vino is an independent educational project providing informational support to unique professionals and their work towards understanding and improving taste. It is both a periodic magazine and the series of events organized by the club of connoisseurs and maestros of taste.

This project treats wine culture as a unique art and personal road to harmony. Our motto here at Code de Vino is the «Space of Taste,» and this space is continuously formed on the pages of our magazine by its editors, permanent experts and invited international specialists.

As a publication, this project devotes a great deal of attention to authorial winemaking and the stories of people who consider wine an art, an ancient tradition and a complex culture of its own. We address everything from the culture of different beverages (water, kumis, coffee, tea, mate) to high-quality gastronomic products. There are also sections dedicated to investing in wine and the art of being a sommelier. But the magazine’s highlight is undoubtedly the reviews of young wine before it makes it on the market. Also in each issue our readers will find a gourmet guide to one of Russia’s regions from the perspective of taste experience.

Reading through the pages of this magazine, readers will travel through space and time, peer into the furthest corners of our planet and meet original keepers of global cultures, learning the stories of their various native beverages firsthand.

Code de Vino is a magazine for people who love exploring the distinguished world of taste.

Code de Vino’s editor-in-chief Oleg Cherne is a researcher and popularizer of wine culture in Russia, and a journalist and publicist who has published a number of articles on the historical traditions of consuming high-quality alcoholic beverages. For 30 years, he has been investigating the practical heritage of ancient cultures and ethnic traditions, and has written numerous articles and books. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has visited more than 140 countries, and organized and participated in expeditions all around the world. Currently, he participates in the organization of educational and research expeditions, and continuously gives lectures and seminars in different cities all over the world. In recent years, Oleg Cherne’s investigation has focused most on the culture of comprehension and consumption of wine and water.

Magazine sections

Wine Club

In this section, Oleg Cherne meets with celebrities from the world of wine. Here we will reveal how people who form today’s wine culture understand the beverage they so adore. In olden times, people consumed wine everywhere, every day. It was much loved by both commoners and the nobility, used in religious rituals, and finally grew into the beverage that connects millions of fans today.


The essence of this section can be expressed as «water as the basis for high-quality living.» The molecular basis of our lives is water. All the systems of our bodies depend on it, as human beings are ¾ water. The quality of the water in our bodies determines all its biochemical processes, our reaction to the world, and finally, the length of our lives. Understanding water is one of the most important duties man faces today.

Drinks from Around the World

This section focuses on typical beverages from various global cultures and nationalities. It is designed to help readers learn more about ancient drinks, their traditions and importance in the society of the time.

Laboratory of Taste

This part of the magazine is dedicated to the finest aspects of taste, where experts and professionals reveal their secrets. This section is experimental and deals with progressive ideas in different areas where taste plays an important role, from design and architecture to the International Gourmet Academy project.

The Way of Wine

Here readers will learn all about the perception of wine in different cultures. Myths, legends, real history, and the way of wine — from antiquity to modern times.


Introduction to wines with proven high quality. This section focuses on noteworthy wines and their authors. The right choice of wine for your enoteca isn’t just a matter of taste and quality, but also personal well-being. Here our magazine will recommend wines fully deserving the title of «Miracle of Taste.»

Products of Controller Origin

Here we present our readers the culture of gourmet food. This column is led by famous wine specialist and gourmand Leonid Gelibterman, an international expert in wine and gastronomic culture, author of numerous books, chairman of the Russian national branch of the International Wine and Food Society, and chevallier of the French Association of Gastronomy Chaine des Rotisseurs.

«They Drank the Divine»

Readers are treated here to articles about wines for investment and long storage, as well as business and strategies in the wine world today. We are all aware that wine was the sacred drink of our ancestors, but it also had certain social purposes as well. This section celebrates the efforts that created the systematic business environment surrounding wine. Here wineries are represented as the primary efforts that later give rise to widespread corporate businesses.

Wine Tour

Get ready to be immersed in the world of wine journeys and the events connected to them, paired with stories of famous places and chateaus promoting wine culture in the modern world.

Filled with Taste

Restaurants, cafes, hotels and boutiques, recommended by Code de Vino for anyone trying to enjoy the exquisite side of life.

Act of Creation. Laboratory of Place

Act of Creation, or Laboratory of Place is composed special to show how space and people interact to draw out the true power of a location. It demonstrates how people can improve and enrich the space around them.

The Sommelier Way

In this section we focus on one of today’s most fascinating professions — sommeliers. Various cultural aspects of working with beverages as a professional are presented, including the centerpiece titled «The Story of One Bottle», where we dig deep into an example of how to see, comprehend and, most importantly, present a particular product.