Atenuri 2013

Вино грузинское монастырское Atenuri 2013

Producer: the winery of the Ateni Zion monastery

Region: Ateni village, Shida-Kartli Krai, Georgia

Grapes: Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane

Type: white dry wine

Style: traditional Georgian wine, ages in qvevri

Alcohol content: 13%


Georgia is known for its white wines, so it is only natural that the Georgian monasteries produce amazing white wines of stunning purity and quality alongside the red wines used in church rituals.

At first sight, the white wine of the Ateni Zion monastery fills the ears with a crystal-like clinking, as if the bells of the monastery are ringing throughout the clear and cool mountain air with their pristine sounds. Ateni is a picturesque area, secluded but cozy. The air in the mountains is sweet and crisp, it penetrates every cell of your body, and the mere act of breathing fills you with the energy of this space. Every aspect of it is characterized by a clear-as-glass lightness. The wines of the Ateni monastery have indeed absorbed the marvelous properties of this place: their light, crystal-like, refreshing taste makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Atenuri 2013 embodies the sparkling shade of straw, which holds within it the mountain dew and soft morning light of a sunrise. Even more amazing is that despite several years in qvevri, this wine did not acquire any acidic tones, described in textbooks as typical for this type of ageing. Every regions keeps its own secret technologies and proportions, but grape pomace and qvevri remain the most essential base components. Another wonderful characteristic of the wines produced at the Ateni Monastery is the blend of local varieties of grape unique to this place. In 2013, the monastery made a bold attempt to combine Chinuri and Goruli Mtsvane, and the result was brilliant. Since then, the wine has only been perfected and changed for the better. It embodies both the fertility of the local soil and spirit of its producers. Even the bottle used for it is bigger than usual, and contains a full liter of this wonderful wine.