Blaufränkisch Konigsberg 2012, Uwe Schiefer

Blaufraenkisch Koenigsberg 2012, Uwe Schiefer

Wine estate: Uwe Schiefer

Region: the Eisenberg commune, Burgenland, Austria

Grape variety: Blaufränkisch

Alcohol content: 13%


Every bottle of wine is pure magic! Just think how many processes and transformations it contains. They all combine to produce a miracle you can both feel and touch. Do you think this is impossible? Well, think again, because here it is, right in front of you. And it tastes delicious! This is my humble attempt to present to you one incredible wine — Blaufränkisch Konigsberg by Uwe Schiefer. Its name includes the name of the grape variety used, so please give a warm welcome to Blaufränkisch. Although it is a quite unfamiliar name to the majority of us, some might notice its German and Austrian roots. A bit hard to pronounce, isn’t it? But at least a lot easier than Grüner Veltliner, for instance. Blaufränkisch is the favorite grape of Austrian winemakers, chosen for its boundless flavors. It prefers to grow on the highlands of Burgenland. Notes of fruits and black pepper are its trademark. It is the progenitor of Zweigelt and Blauburgunder. For a long time it was considered genetically identical to Pinot Noir, which might sound like music to someone’s ears, and like awful noise produced by a talentless apprentice from an untuned violin to others. However, in fact everything depends on the violin and talent of the artist, by which I mean the soil and winemaker’s talent and skills. If you’re not convinced, try Blaufränkisch Konigsberg by Uwe Schiefer, crafted on the basis of their ancient vines and stunning abilities and experience in winemaking. All of these components combine to infuse Blaufränkisch with an intense smell, taste, structure, body and color. It is hard to see anything through a glass filled with Blaufrankerich. However, you won’t have either the time or desire to do so, as there will be so many things and aspects to perceive… Which is what I call real magic! It is real, it is the incarnation of the effort of any magician who produces WINE!