Agioritiko Abaton, 2007

Agioritiko Abaton, 2007 Винодельческое хозяйство: Тсантали (Tsantali)

Wine estate: Tsantali

Region: Holy Mount Athos, Greece

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Limnio 20%

Alcohol content: 14%

Greece has it all! People have every right to make that claim about the wines produced here. Why is so little known about Greek wines, and why do we so seldom see them outside of Greece…? The answer is simple: you don’t just part easily with such treasures! They are necessary for your spirit and body; in other words, you need them yourself. But these wines are few, so they go first to anyone living in this country, which only makes them more pleasant to come in contact with them elsewhere!

Abaton in Greek means something hidden, protected from tampering, and preserving its primordial nature. Take your first sip and you get, or rather don’t get, what you’re coming in contact with: a French castle Bordeaux, an Italian super super-Tuscan, or both, or something still unknown, but with an inexplicably familiar hint of Cabernet Sauvignon. Agioritiko Abaton embodies the finest qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon of outstanding regions, which are fixed, as if corked, in this marvelous wine by the primordial nature emanating from the light inherent in the Holy Mount of Athos.

Dark, almost black when viewed from above, it shines with a garnet color. An excellent acidity that doesn’t hurry to turn tart, and slowly changes to tones of spice without the slightest hint of candied sweets. This then gives way to an astringency, pleasant, smooth and long, which changes and switches gustatory sensations, playing with the aftertaste. You might describe such a wine as «mouth-watering,» but here your mouth literally waters thanks to the full assault of various impressions.

And all this is multiplied by the use of organic production methods and the achievement of a beautiful structure in the wine. Of course, such a wine doesn’t make you drunk, but rather clears your consciousness with every glass.

Everything is very naturally composed in Agioritiko Abaton, manifesting in due time and due measure the alcohol content, acidity, richness of aromas, and tannins that complement each other, not overlapping the taste sensations even for a moment.

Aged 10 years, this wine is completely bright, fresh and wise.

These are the treasures born from the Holy Mount of Athos, all thanks to the art of Tsantali winemakers.