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Code de Vino

Today, the ability to correctly consume beverages, or any liquid on the whole, is elevated to the role of art, which helps us reveal our true nature. The Code de Vino project is addressed to anyone who loves exploring the distinguished and exciting world of taste.

Code de Vino is an independent educational project providing informational support to unique professionals and their work towards understanding and improving taste. It is both a periodic magazine and the series of events organized by the club of connoisseurs and maestros of taste.


Magazine editors:

Our experts:

Editor-in-chief: Oleg Cherne
Executive editor: Vasiliy Prytkov
Editor: Maria Svetova
Strategic manager: Roman Cherne
Artistic director: Denis Mun
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Leonid Gelibterman, wine and gastronomic world culture expert
Sergey Ivanov, restaurant expert
Jean-Mark Karen, Bordeaux wine expert
Jeremy Oliver, Australian wine expert
Carmelo Patti, Mauro Pachak, Argentinian wine expert
Donato Lanati, Italian wine expert
Givi Chagelishvili, Georgian wine expert