Kindzmarauli Perpetuo

Kindzmarauli Perpetuo вино Грузии

Region: Kakheti Region, Georgia

Grapes: Saperavi

Type: Red semi-sweet wine

Unique features: Kakheti production technology

Alcohol content: 13.0 %

Acidity: 5.0—7.0 g/l

Sugar content: 4%



Kindzmarauli is the legendary wine of Georgia, which today is helping form the image of Georgian wine in modern history. It was served at almost every official event in Georgia, and the Soviet Union as well.

The production of naturally semi-sweet wines in general is a difficult task, but with a true Kindzmarauli it may seem nearly impossible, especially considering the volume of semi-official counterfeit wines on the market today, which while holding a certificate, fail to reflect the quality of the real drink. Kindzmarauli Perpetuo is more than just a guarantee of quality: it is the result of the hard work put into preserving the original taste and values of Georgian winemaking and the production traditions of Kakheti.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Kindzmarauli was Stalin’s favorite wine, but this is not 100% based in reality. Stalin himself preferred dry wine, but often ordered Kindzmarauli to his guests, who were particularly fond of it. The anti-alcohol campaign in Georgia was a devastating blow to local wine production, causing Kindzmarauli to sink virtually into oblivion, lose its authenticity and disintegrate across numerous wine brands and opinions of experts who never even tried the real thing.



Kindzmarauli is more than just a wine, it’s a project. In association with Code de Vino, a team of experts and critics took up the mission of restoring the original Kindzmarauli. In total, the work lasted ten years. The main problem lay in the fact that many companies producing wine they call Kindzmarauli go against the original technology, thus distorting the very idea of this variety. Young producers supported by sales managers cultivate among the consumers a misrepresented and flawed taste, which has nothing to do with the real Kindzmarauli.

The principal goal of the Kindzmarauli Perpetuo project was to return this wine to the original state of its traditions. The key requirement here is the age of a vine. The Saperavi used to make this wine cannot be collected from vines younger than 30 years old.

Another important condition is the production and ageing technology. Its special storage technology is designed to accentuate notes of cilantro and tarragon in the wine (the «kindz-» part of the name stands for «cilantro»). Thus, Kindzmarauli is a very aromatic wine. A real Kindzmarauli is a combination of technology and taste. Combined with the Kakhetian ageing technique, they are what makes this wine truly unique.


The unique characteristic of Kindzmarauli Perpetuo is that it is made from an extremely limited harvest of grapes collected from 50-year-old vines growing in the microzone of Alazani Valley, Qvareli Municipality, and Kakheti. The vineyards are situated at a specific angle to the sunrays and height above sea level, helping the berries reach their ideal sugar content. The concept of Kindzmarauli Perpetuo includes the condition that wine can be produced only in those years when the Saperavi used in it accumulates the required level of sugar content. All in all, to make a true Kindzmarauli a number of different factors must fall into place, combining into a cohesive whole finding its ideal expression in this wine.


The wine has a profound and enveloping taste, characterized by velvety notes of dried fruits and ripe pomegranate. However, with time it shifts to notes of blackcurrant and apricot seeds, bringing its viscosity and acidity to perfection, thanks to the age of the vine. The aftertaste is long-lasting, pleasant, and impressive.


Burgundy red, intense with tones of pomegranate.

Serving recommendations

Turn the serving of Kindzmarauli Perpetuo into a ceremony, a ritual. It matches well with deserts, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables. Best served chilled, at 13 degrees, or 10—12 degrees if served as an aperitif.


Keep in mind: if you offer Kindzmarauli Perpetuo to your friends, they may stop noticing anything around them for a while, as once you get your first taste of this drink, everything else seems insignificant and trivial in comparison.


93/100 Code de Vino