Puro, 2009

Игристое вино Puro, 2009

Wine estate: Movia

Region: Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Wine type: sparkling

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Ribolla

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Anyone scared of pops and flying corks, please move on to another picture now!

So, this is Puro!

This sparkling wine is beyond any rules created by Homo sapiens, from the beginning to the end, and is in total accordance with the laws of nature.

No one should be surprised with the grape variety, the well-known Chardonnay, except that it’s from Slovenia, and a little bit of local Ribolla as well. The grapes are organic and joyfully rouged by the sun, which suggests a late harvest. We’ll need this grape sugar, or rather the hungry yeast will, which according to Alesha Krishtanchich, Movia’s winemaker, are a tricky little thing, who don’t favor cane and beetroot sugar, watch their diet, and don’t indulge in any triage or dose cocktails.

Puro has two fermentations, as befits a noble sparkling wine, but using its own resources and restricted to bottles for several years. And Puro is divorced from any cold disgorging, sediment freezing in the bottleneck or knocking out of the ice plug…
All this is at your own discretion. Who knows, maybe some of us out there love to chew on amino acids. But as for the rest of us, take a basin with water, use your hands and go for it!

A user pictorial manual is attached.