Khikhvi Alaverdi 2011

Грузинское монастырское вино Хихви

Region: the Akhmeti Municipality, Kakheti, Georgia

Producer: Alaverdi Monastery Cellar

Grapes: Khikhvi

Type: white dry wine

Style: traditional Georgian wine

Unique features: kakhetian production technology


A good old time-proven friend. We met for the first time at an event which was very important for Georgia—the first of the revived series of the Alaverdoba festival, in 2014, in the Alaverdi monastery. The way one reverend described this wine left a deep imprint in my memory: «khikhvi is like a teenager who doesn’t know what he wants in life yet, but has a great future waiting for him.»

Today, this teenager has become an adult who has found their place in the world. Yet they also lost none of their strength of character, and remained both passionate and enthusiastic. The inner flame and stability are still very much alive. This wine warms you without burning; attracts without absorbing; captivates but also let’s you go the moment you ask. It’s a comfortable wine you want to come back to time and again. Its natural power, cultivated force and kind spirit constitute the portrait of Khikhvi in 2011. It would be nice to pay a visit again in a couple of years, but it keeps getting harder and harder to get on the guest list. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the fiery Khikhvi today, and let’s hope we’ll meet again, as they sing in Georgia, in the season of maturity!