2009 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel

2009 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel
Grape: Riesling 100%
Producer: Weingut Gunderloch
Wine region: Nackenheim, Mainz-Bingen district in the federal land of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Classification: QmP (Qualitätswein mit Prädikat)
Type: sweet, mineral wine
Style: noble
Bottle: 0.375 l
Optimal serving temperature: 10–12°С
Alcohol content: 8%
Aging potential: between 5 to 40 years, as recommended



Introducing one of Germany’s best sweet Rieslings. The grapes are gathered from the steepest cliffs along the slope of Rotenberg Hill and then painstakingly hand-sorted multiple times.

In terms of maturity, the wine is classified as Auslese (late harvest wine), while in terms of sweetness (135–140°), it is almost a Beerenauslese. «Goldkapsel» wines (gold capsule) possess their own particular sweetness. Depending on the region, the sweetness of the Auslese grape can vary. In some regions, Auslese can be quite dry but a sweet Auslese will almost certainly bear such a capsule.

Despite its strong composition, it is a very elegant wine. Some might take issue with a lack of acidity in the wine. However, this flavor profile is due to its Botrytis style of production, using grapes exposed to the fungus Botrytis cinerea. This kind of fungi inhabits the skin of the grapes and enriches it with a natural sweetness.

Due to this natural sweetness, the wine falls under the category QmP. Unlike most QbA wines, which constitute the majority of German wines, these sweet wines are made without sugar or grape concentrate. The wine is 100% natural and is made from late-harvest grapes with high amounts of naturally-occurring sugar.

Most German winemakers classify their wines according to the theory that grapes with a higher amount of sugar are more mature. These grapes create a full-bodied wine with brighter color and deeper flavor, thereby contributing to a more distinguished and rich palette.



The Rotenberg vineyard is situated in the Nackenheim municipality. In German, the name Rotenberg means «red hill». The name is derived from the strip of red mica which runs along the Rhine coastline from Nackenheim to Nierstein for nearly five kilometers.

This land is rich in minerals and has excellent southern exposure. The microclimate in the region is extremely favorable for wine ripening, due to high rates of sunshine, the structure of the soil, and the proximity of water. These are perfect conditions for a Riesling to fully demonstrate its true merits, creating a wine of excellent quality.

The company’s methods of cultivation do not damage the soil. When the grapes reach the necessary level of acidity and fruit concentration, they are gathered by hand and thoroughly sorted.



A spicy flavor with hints of mango, honey, and tropical fruits. Elegance balanced with strength and intensity. Deep notes of fresh citrus and juicy tropical fruits. The distinguishing features of red soils, full of energy and cheerfulness, help to counterbalance the signature sweetness. The wine boasts a lingering aftertaste, golden color, and excellent body. The flavor suggests notes of lime and quince flower.


Food pairings

To enjoy this wine to its fullest, pair it with foie gras, cheese, or almond pie.



94/100 Code de Vino

18/20 Jancis Robinson