KatarO 2014

Вино KatarO 2014, Армения
Wine: KatarO 2014
Grapes: Khndokhni
Producer: Domaine Avetissyan
Wine region: Artsakh district, Nagorny Karabakh

It surprises! It inspires! It provokes, caresses and enchants…

But, most importantly, it pleases. And all this is from the simply amazing Armenian Qataro 2014 wine. After all, it’s a meeting point for the rare local indigenous variety of Khndokhni grapes from the Artsakh district in Nagorny Karabakh.

In this location, marked by the beauty of an ancient Christian church from the 4th century, at an altitude of 740-800 meters above sea level, the winemaker Avetissyan first came across the ancient Armenian grape variety of Khndokhni. The first vine of the vineyards was planted in the early 20th century by the great-grandfather of the current owner of Domaine Avetissyan.

So, for our drinking pleasure we now have the wonderful KatarO. This is a painting written on the canvas of the local climate, where the sun-loved fertile soil and beauty of the surrounding nature have blended into a single force. In fact, if I don’t so say to myself, this wine simply has an astounding bouquet.

What it’s for and why it’s here I won’t say, but I certainly encourage everyone to try it!


92/100 Code de Vino