Restaurant La Braja

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)


A true taste of Italy… this description is probably the most concise description of the La Braja restaurant, where the warm and comfortable atmosphere and top-notch Italian cuisine complement one another.

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)

The restaurant is located in the center of the small city of Montemagno in northern Italy, Provincia di Asti, Piedmont. In the wine world, the Asti Province is famous for its sweet and sparkling Asti DOCG from the Muscat variety.

Even though Montemagno is a small city (its population is slightly over one thousand), this quiet Piedmont area with its old, narrow streets attracts tourists all year round with its relaxed atmosphere and quaint architecture, including the ancient bell tower of San Vittore from Roman times and stunning Baroque churches of Saint Martin and Stephan, Archangel Michael and the Holy Trinity. On gastronomic maps of Italy, the city stands out thanks to La Braja, a restaurant which presents Piedmont cuisine in a brilliant way.

The space

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)

The restaurant is located in a building from the end of the 19th century. Initially, it belonged to a local doctor, and was then turned into a restaurant. The restoration project for the building was developed by Antonio Guarino. Since 1975, the restaurant has been owned by the Palermino family.

Large, soft armchairs, a fireplace and numerous paintings created by one of the restaurant’s owners make the space cozy and comfortable. The tables are arranged in such a way that guests can talk without any need of raising their voice. Its discreet and elegant interior invites guests to rest and relax. Diners at La Braja find themselves in a special space which speaks the language of immaculate style.

The restaurant has three halls: the largest with 40 seats, the second with 18 seats, and a private hall with 8 seats. Guests can also choose to sit in the garden outside with a capacity of up to 60 people.

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)Philosophy

La Braja is a family restaurant founded by brothers Antonio and Guiseppe Palermino in 1975. Guiseppe runs the kitchen, while Antonio and his son Christian and his wife host guests. The brothers had the idea of creating a special space to combine the excellent quality of Piedmont cuisine with a high level of service and comfort. Restaurant guests typically emphasize the cozy atmosphere, and sincere and warm hospitality and service.

Interestingly enough, the same building has another restaurant from this family named La Brajeria, a regular »everyday» fast-food style cafe with an informal atmosphere.


In line with the historical traditions of the region, the cuisine is based on local Piedmont products, including a seasonal menu. There are three menu options: a classical carte menu, a EUR 60 tasting menu, and a EUR 51 «Five dishes» menu (appetizer, pasta, meat dish, cheese assortment, dessert). The menu has a vegetarian section.

Among the dishes that won us over the most was porcini mushrooms with Monferrato and Alba truffles. The specialties include sea bass fillet with a Chardonnay wine sauce, finely cut beef with white truffles and egg sauce; Carnarolli risotto with a Toma d’Alpeggio cheese sauce, artichokes and black truffle, and guinea fowl with black truffles. For dessert lovers, we recommend the chocolate bonet with vanilla cream and caramelized pears, or the nut cake with a Gianduja hazelnut and chocolate spread.

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)The chef

The secret of La Braja’s success is the talent of Giuseppe Palermino. Thanks to his original ideas and creative approach, he managed to take Piedmont cuisine to a new level. Guests describe the dishes as elegantly plated, refined, and with a memorable taste.

Wine list

La Braja is a wine restaurant. Apart from a special wine list, the restaurant owner Antonio Palermino offers the best gastronomic pairing with any wine from his cellar, which features regional, Italian and French wines, including varieties aged for a long time. We recommend the local Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG, which is served in Endolo glasses created by enologist Donato Lanati, featuring a special shape to intensify and reveal the red wine aroma. We recommend letting Antonio Palermino guide your wine tasting, as his expertise and professionalism help perfectly feel and offer wines that suit you in the best possible way.

Restaurant La Braja (Montemagno, Piedmont, Italy)Restaurant awards

La Braja is on the list of restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide. The Guide experts highly praised the service level, as well as its excellent cuisine, fresh local ingredients, delicious dishes and stylish interior. La Braja takes special pride in the compliment from Pope John Paul II, who visited the restaurant and highly appreciated Guiseppe Palermino’s cuisine.

Restaurant location

Via San Giovanni Bosco, 11 (Montemagno, Provincia di Asti, Piedmont, Italy).

Restaurant contacts

+39 0141 653925