Era of New Medicine

Author: Ernst Muldashev

Ernst MuldashevAs we continue our journey through Bashkortostan, we thought our Code de Vino readers would enjoy learning more about famous Russian scientist and eye specialist Ernst Muldashev. He is a renowned, original expert and the mind behind a new method in medicine: regenerative surgery using Alloplant, a transplant technology.

Mr. Muldashev is a progressive scientist known all over the world for his knowledge of trends in the global scientific community and ability to form them. We were therefore curious to learn more about what he believes the future of science holds.

Ernst has a well-rounded and deep personality: he is a doctor, researcher, traveler, and writer. But most importantly, he’s full of positive energy. Our interview quickly turned into an exciting monologue we present to you below.


Taste of life

I’ve come a long way in my life. I’ve grown up and realized that man carries important knowledge inside himself and can explore his true nature and put it to good use. In India, they say, «be a self-made man.» I see this as the true purpose of life. Happiness is always searching and moving forward. My team and I are happy to grow, move forward, and develop.

To me, the taste of life is the feeling of the real, everything that a person has inside. All of our expeditions and exploration are first and foremost about the exploration of our inner world. We can find the real in our travels, profound books, and life itself that helps us understand our nature and what unites us all as humans.

Our dreams came true, and we have achieved a lot. We built our Center, developed new methods in surgery, earned notoriety around the world, and created 96 different alloplants.  Once we reached all this, we got bored. But we still keep searching!


Creating Alloplant technology

About the author: Ernst Muldashev is a surgeon, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, holder of the order of Friendship of People and Salavat Yulaev, and recipient of the «For Contribution to Russian Health Care» medal. He is the Head of the Center of Eye and Plastic Surgery, doctor of medical science, professor, honored consultant of the University of Louisville (USA), member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, certified ophthalmologist of Mexico, and member of the International Academy of Sciences. Author of more than 300 scientific papers and patents in Russia, U.S., Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. His works have been awarded with gold medals at a number of highly influential international exhibitions.

Creating Alloplant technology

I first got the idea for alloplant as a student, and later I defended my thesis on it. Alloplant is a divine gift. The word consists of two parts: «Allah» and «plant», and together they mean «a divine plant.» This is what our medicine is about. I reached this understanding as I was performing difficult surgeries and saw miracles occurring right before my eyes. For example, the first ever eye transplant! In 2000, we transplanted an eye in a woman who had been blind for 20 years. Now she can find her way around, locate things, she can really see…

After the surgery, amazing things started happening: on day five the transplanted eye glowed a bright red, and then yellow on day seventeen. Gradually, it acquired the colors of all the elements — red (fire), yellow (earth), green (wind), and blue (water). The eye came alive, and all these elements started working together to form a fifth: love. Then the pupil appeared, which was a real miracle.

Today, Alloplant is a world-renowned transplant used in surgeries in many different countries. Some people still do not understand the nature of our discoveries, especially in America. There are many people led purely by instincts of consumption, who don’t realize that love is not just sex; sex is a consequence of love, the process when a soul is born. The only thing I really like about America are Texas cowboys. Now they definitely love life!

My expertise allowing me to make discoveries and carry out successful surgeries is based on understanding the nature of life’s processes. Everyone, even a doctor or surgeon, is a spiritual creature that can channel this energy of life if their inner purity allows it.

Some surgeries can really be «on the edge.» But when everything works out in the end, I realize I was just a conduit. My only merit is that I’m striving to preserve the purity of my soul, my desire, and love. All my books were written in a state of love. Sure, I always analyze what I want to write about, but then at a certain point it dawns on me: here it comes. This divine love gives me such amazing ideas! They’re happy, like when I was still a child.



In my opinion, a man has four levels of nature, four bodies. The first body is our essence, we brought it here with us and we’ll leave with it. The second body is our energy body. For example, a person can experience a pain or itch in a missing finger. This is a manifestation of our energy body. The third body is the water body. Readers of Code de Vino should know that we are 70–80% water. The fourth is our physical body.

By consuming food, plant or animal-based, we absorb its energy. This is the general task of food: consumption of energy. However, this energy can be very different. If a person has enough energy of their own, he doesn’t need a lot of food. He gets enough from his own inner energy processes and own qualities.



Water is an element of life with its own unique power. Research from many scientists demonstrates that information can influence water. When you drink it, not only the water itself matters, but also your thoughts, feelings, and words in the process. Our Alloplants carry a high-quality water structure.

The result of treatment depends a lot on whom we are treating. If the person is optimistic, cheerful, the surgery will likely be a success; if the person is pessimistic, chances are the organ will not establish. One of my mottos is: no pessimists allowed! Only once a pessimist overcomes their disbelief and improves their attitude to life, can we count on positive results.

I had a patient, a girl, who was cured from a severe disease that almost made her blind solely by the power of her soul and faith. All I did was assist her as her guide. If her approach was different, the treatment could have been a failure. The basis of our treatment is love. If the person has it inside themselves, they can solve anything.


A new era

In my travels, I’ve often met millionaires and billionaires, and seen the sadness in their eyes. They seem to have everything in the world except happiness. What do you need a big house for if you have no one to share your happy moments with? Sadness comes from greed, from accumulating things. Out of all the billionaires, Bill Gates is one of just a few who has done the right thing. He gave his children no more than startup capital and donated the rest to charity.

Many wealthy people have offered to pay me a lot of money for surgery, thinking it would boost my performance. They don’t realize that I value my reputation as a surgeon and carry out each surgery with equally high output, no matter the payment.

A Himalayan yogi once showed me the point of greed on our body, somewhere near the tailbone. A while later, I was treating a patient from impotence. I have always noticed a connection between impotence and greed (since greedy men suffer from it more), so I transplanted an Alloplant in the area near his tailbone. Soon, I could hardly recognize him: he became extremely generous, to say nothing of his incredible success with women (laughs).

I can see a new era starting in science. Gradually, money as the dominant idea will begin to retreat into the background. It is a new era, the Age of Aquarius, the time of spiritual scientists and divine medicine that will not be coerced into proving what it is and how miracles work.