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Code de Vino #3
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 Would you believe me if I told
 you visitors can meet
 Dionysus himself in the
 village of Yuzhnaya Ozereyka
 near Novorossiysk? Plus, the
 ideal sort of wine this
 encounter might entail! My
 heartfelt opinion that it's
 impossible to craft a worthy
 wine in Russia because of the
 lack of a well-developed wine
 culture, was shattered. I am
 beyond grateful to Yanis
 Karakezidis, as he is truly a
 dignified ambassador of our
 country in the wine world.
 Today, I can say with com-
 plete confidence that Russia
 can indeed boast of a high-
 quality wine.

 Interview by Oleg Cherne
 Олег Чернэ

 Interview by Oleg Cherne

                                                                A Discussion

                                      with Yanis Karakezidi
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