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          Traditions of Argentina
         Code de Vino #3
 2  Contents  Code de Vino #3  Code de Vino #3                                                     Contents  5 3
 Contents      Contents                                          Fernando Galindez:

                                                                 Wine, Music, and Space Are Indivisible

 Code de Vino Wine Club  In this issue  Traveling with taste        Act of Creation

 25  Winemaking in Krasnodar Krai. History,   59  Enogastronomic Traditions   87  Architect Fernando Galindez:
               of Argentina
                                                                    “Wine, Music, and Space are Indivisible”
 Terroir, Science and Lead Wineries
 of the Region  by Leonid Gelibterman                               Interview by Vadim Skardana
 by Tatyana Kotova
 32  Expert Opinion: The Best Wines

   of Krasnodar Krai
 by Elena Malikova
 33  Russian Grape
 by Anton Khmyrov
 5  41  Oenotherapy, Wine Treatment.

 Talk with Renowned Russian   Wine Doctor Alexander Kholopov.
 by Tatyana Kotova
 Winemaker Yanis Karakezidi
 Interview by Oleg Cherne
 Products of Controlled Origin
 43  Bread is the Staff of Life

 Wine Critic  by Vasily Puchkov

 Drinks from around the world

 51  Kumis, Genghis Khan's Wine.                                    Story of One Bottle
 Talk with Leila Lukmanova,
 Code de Vino expert on fermented-milk
 products       The Way of Wine
 Interview by Olga Erukhova
         65    Wines of China, The Drink
               of Transformation
               by Oleg Cherne

 11  Talk with Jean-Marc Quarin  73  Water and the Sommelier.
 Interview by Oleg Cherne
                Taste for Life
                Oleg Cherne on Water and Wine                      93
 Bohemia  83    Water and Quality of Life.                         San Pedro de Yacochuya 2006
                Talk with Marina Chugunkina,                        (Argentina)
 17  Philippe Dufrenoy, the Artist   Water Expert                  by Oleg Cherne
 Who Paints with Wine
 Interview by Oleg Cherne  Interview by Elena Malikova
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