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Code de Vino #3
        4 2  Contents                                                                            Code de Vino #3


               Code de Vino Wine Club                               In this issue

                                                             25     Winemaking in Krasnodar Krai. History,
                                                                    Terroir, Science and Lead Wineries
                                                                    of the Region
                                                                    by Tatyana Kotova
                                                             32     Expert Opinion: The Best Wines

                                                                      of Krasnodar Krai
                                                                    by Elena Malikova
                                                             33     Russian Grape
                                                                    by Anton Khmyrov
               5                                             41     Oenotherapy, Wine Treatment.

               Talk with Renowned Russian                           Wine Doctor Alexander Kholopov.
                                                                    by Tatyana Kotova
               Winemaker Yanis Karakezidi
               Interview by Oleg Cherne
                                                                    Products of Controlled Origin
                                                             43     Bread is the Staff of Life

               Wine Critic                                          by Vasily Puchkov

                                                                    Drinks from around the world

                                                             51     Kumis, Genghis Khan's Wine.
                                                                    Talk with Leila Lukmanova,
                                                                    Code de Vino expert on fermented-milk
                                                                    Interview by Olga Erukhova

         11    Talk with Jean-Marc Quarin
               Interview by Oleg Cherne


         17    Philippe Dufrenoy, the Artist
               Who Paints with Wine
               Interview by Oleg Cherne
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