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                                                              — I’m just doing what I love, what my parents used to do.
                                                              And I do it with joy. My goal isn’t to impress anyone. The
                                                              southwestern slope of Yuzhnaya Ozereyka is an ideal place to
                                                              cultivate elite grape varieties. That’s what my grandfather used
                                                              to say, and it’s proven its value over the course of history. The
                                                              fact that this region doesn’t have any global notoriety is only a
                                                              question of time.
                                                              People often say my wines are similar to those in Bordeaux.
                                                              Indeed, our terroirs have a lot in common: both regions enjoy
                                                              wonderful climate and soil. In 1872, the vines planted in
                                                              Yuzhnaya Ozereyka were imported in from Europe, and the
                                                              results were overwhelming! The problem with our people is that
                                                              our country gives us everything, but we can’t take it. We build
                                                              up our towers, and then destroy them. What I mean is that our
                                                              society forgets even the latest historical events, we have no
                                                              connection with our past, and our level of social self-awareness
                                                              is very low.
                                                              This region has such a rich history and culture that’s all but
                                                              forgotten in modern-day Russia. Recent history does exist for
                                                              me, and it’s what I rely on most, which isn’t difficult, as I have
                                                              worthy predecessors in the count Golitsyn and his Grand Prix
                                                              awards, Fedor Geiduk and others. For me all this history is as if
                                                              it happened only yesterday.
                                                              — So you’re a successor to traditions?
                                                              — That’s correct. And if we’re talking about a particular region of
                                                              winemaking, every Greek family held up their traditions. Just like
                                                              how Russian families produced hard liquors. Every drink was the
                                                              product of a long natural lineage. This was a mundane, rather
                                                              prosaic effort for us; at first our parents made us help them with
                                                              it. And since it has gradually grown into something bigger...
                           — Mr. Karakezidis, for several
                           decades now I’ve been traveling
                           around the world and interviewing
                           representatives from different wine
                           houses: Bordeaux and Languedoc
                           in France, Tuscany in Italy, Mendoza
                           and Salta in Argentina, Barossa
                           Valley in Australia, and so on.
                           But what is there here, in Russia?
                           I read a lot on the subject, and
                           your activity in particular caught
                           my eye. First of all, I want to ask
                           you if there is anyone in Russia in
                           particular who promotes the general
                           development of wine culture here?
                           — Wine culture implies a different
                           rhythm of life. And it’s quite possible
                           that the time we have for our
                           interview today will float by in the
                           blink of an eye...

                           — Well then, we’ll take advantage of
                           it while it lasts. From the feedback
                           on your work I know that you’re
                           producing exceptional wine of
                           world-class quality even here in
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