Hin Areni Wines

Author: Maria Svetova

Hin Areni Wines

The Vayots Dzor Province and Areni village have played the special role as the cradle of winemaking in Armenia for thousands of years. Hin Areni wants to show this region off to the world and share with everyone the historical autochthonous grapes of Armenia found here. The company does its best to help Areni unleash its full potential and ensure that the quality of Armenian wine stays pristinely perfect.

They find a unique harmony between historical traditions and the latest technology. All the equipment used in their production is state-of-the-art and produced in Italy or France, and the famous Argentinian architect Mario Japaz designed the buildings of the estate.

Вина Hin Areni

The vineyards are located 1,215-1,250 meters above sea level in Arni and the surrounding villages – in total, there are 32 ha of vineyards, out of which 20 ha have already been harvested and 12 are newly cultivated. The combination of sedimentary and volcanic soil with the alpine climate of Areni gives the local wine potent texture and expressive fragrance.

Hin Areni Wines

They also practice manual harvesting and sorting, and gently press the grapes in a pneumatic press. The product is stored in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats. The wines of Hin Areni then age in barrels of Karabakh oak.

Hin Areni is the center of domestic wine tourism. The doors of the estate are open to visitors 24/7 – all you need to do is to give the hosts a two-day notice before your visit.