Vinotel Restaurant

Tbilisi, Georgia


Our traditional restaurant section is devoted to Vinotel restaurant in the capital of Georgia. We came up with the Filled with Taste section to show our audience places where they can enjoy wonderful cuisine in all its dimensions. Here you can experience new sensations, plunge into a unique atmosphere, and fill your senses.

The Vinotel restaurant is found in the compound of the Vinotel boutique hotel, which has over the years garnered excellent reviews from the guests, many of whom are highly demanding customers. Vinotel’s philosophy roots in genuine Georgian hospitality emphasized by the very best service and service quality.


Vinotel Hotel Space

Vinotel is located in the historical center of old Tbilisi. When choosing the building for his hotel, the owner of Vinotel, Mr Beno Kashakashvili, studied a wealth of historical sources.
It turned out that in this area of old Tbilisi, every square meter of land is imbued with the scent of wine. According to the sources, local winemakers used to produce wine here, taking grape deliveries by the nearby ferry, and sending out the wine for sale with the same ferry. «The place was abuzz with life,» says batoni Beno.

Next to Vinotel there is an old church, which has given Mr Kashakashvili a special incentive to implement his ideas. While creating a modern hotel, he simultaneously felt getting immersed in the culture of old Tiflis. Especially considering that the wine cellar of Vinotel restaurant was once connected to the church through a tunnel. As a Georgian proverb says, «what kind of road is it if it doesn’t lead to a temple?»

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, GeorgiaVinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, GeorgiaVinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia

Restaurant Space

The Vinotel Restaurant features a classic design with folk elements. Antique furniture in the Georgian romanticism style is used on the interior, and a beautiful grand piano emphasizes the salon feel. Original plates look tasteful and authentic.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, GeorgiaVinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia


The restaurant has been designed to focus on healthy eating and high service. Only local seasonal produce of the highest quality is used here. The authentic style in serving old Georgian dishes is combined with classic service.

At breakfast time, jazz music is played on the piano, and guests are treated to a glass of champagne on the house. Every evening the musicians of the Mdzlevari quartet perform Georgian polyphonic singing. The atmosphere is cozy and homely.

Ресторан Vinotel. Тбилиси, ГрузияVinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Cuisine

Old Georgian recipes have come back to life thanks to Guram Bagdoshvili, a genuine magician of Georgian cuisine, who developed the restaurant’s menu. He is a unique professional with extensive experience, well aware of the needs of clients from different countries and speaking seven foreign languages. He came up with a selection of dishes accompanied by magnificent wines off the restaurant’s wine list. Guram Baghdoshvili organized teamwork with a supreme level of service in mind, which sets the restaurant apart from many others. An insightful decision was to abandon the specialty dish idea. Mr Baghdoshvili does things his own way: each and every dish is a manifestation of the restaurant’s image and must represent the entire establishment.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Chef

Koba Makharashvili, a chef with 25 years of experience under his belt, strictly monitors the selection of produce, its quality, proper preparation, and serving. Mr Makharashvili researches old Georgian dishes and focuses on seasonal fruits and vegetables. He is also keen on surprising guests with amusing impromptu plating.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia

Wine List

Beno Kashakashvili took a creative approach in designing his restaurant’s wine list. It suggests deep respect for signature winemaking and the best local winemakers. A nod is given to quality signature wines, and the restaurateur offers them to the guests personally, thus expressing his own respect for these noble people. The wine is reinforced by a large selection of quality Georgian wines by famous big manufacturers.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia


Some special words must be said about Beno Kashakashvili himself. For many colleagues, he really is an embodiment of great dedication, honesty, and a high grade of business. Surprisingly, almost all the visitors who have left reviews of the restaurant mention Beno Kashakashvili in one way or another. All these references bear the most respectful, complimentary tone. Behind this attitude lies the restaurateur’s great professionalism and personal charm.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia

Expert Summary

To sum the review up, let us say that Vinotel is a model modern Georgian restaurant, an epitome of the Georgian tradition, which implies a personal attitude to each guest, something that is not at all easy to implement in the hospitality industry, but what everyone should strive for. In Vinotel, this task is fulfilled with aplomb every day, and top quality service completes the package.

Vinotel Restaurant, Tbilisi, Georgia


ADDRESS: Old Tbilisi, 4 Elene Akhvlediani ascent Tbilisi, Georgia

P: (+995) 322 555 888

M: (+995) 596 555 885