Semi-Cured Quesos Flor Valsequillo Cheese

Semi-Cured Quesos Flor Valsequillo Cheese

Semi-cured Quesos Flor Valsequillo cheese from Tenerife is made from a mixture of cow, goat, and sheep milk. Only fresh farm milk is used in the production of the cheese, which is left to ripen for at least two months. When the cheese is smoked, it develops a caramel-colored rind and an ivory-white center. Semi-cured Quesos Flor Valsequillo cheese has a soft texture with a tangy though subtle hint of smoke. It is light and delicate in flavor with creamy notes.

The cheese pairs well with Barra, a traditional Spanish bread.

Традиционный испанский хлеб Барра (barra)

The bread’s elongated shape resembles that of a French baguette, although it is a bit shorter and denser.

Дополнить это лучше красным сухим вином El Esquilón Valle de La Orotava

It is best served with a dry red El Esquilón wine from Valle de La Orotava. The wine features a blend of two local grape varieties, Listán Negro and Tintilla.

The production of the wine fully complies with sustainable farming standards. The grapes are hand-picked from 80-year-old vines and grow along the slope of an active volcano. This naturally exposes them to sulfur. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers decant the wine for 1.5–2 hours.