Page 2 - Code de Vino, #12/18, s/s 2016
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Code de Vino #12                                                                       Editorial Note  2

               EDITORIAL NOTE

               Dear friends, this issue of Code de Vino explores the wines of Burgundy. This wine
               region probably has some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. It is not
               so much about its cool climate, which is not very suitable for winemaking but gives
               Burgundy's wines their special character. It is about the fact that much about the
               Burgundian tradition seems ambiguous or sometimes even contradictory. This classical
               French region has traditionally set itself apart: just a few centuries ago, Burgundy was
               an independent country, and even now the Burgundians like to flaunt their love for their
               homeland. It produces truly great wines, sometimes very expensive, but the estates are
               traditionally small, not at all like in Bordeaux. Burgundy wines can be incredibly diverse!
               Powerful and subtle, delicate and austere: they are complex, just like the character
               of Burgundy itself, which holds many ancient secrets. And what could be more
               interesting to study than a complex taste?
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