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6    Wine Club                                                                         Code de Vino #12               Code de Vino #12                                                       Donato Lanati in the Enosis Lab  7

        The outstanding enologist Donato Lanati creates                                                                                           I'd like to show you something: here we have some   ...The regional government invited me to give
                                                                                                                                                  frozen Georgian vine. Over five hundred kinds!
                                                                                                                                                                                             a speech at the international conference on climate
        in his innovative Enosis research center…                                                                                                 This is how we study that part of the grape   change. According to our calculations, the best
                                                                                                                                                                                             vessel for wine ageing in Italy in 30 years will be
                                                                                                                                                  I mentioned earlier, all based on material we store
                                                                                                                                                  in our own research center...              a ceramic container, or basically an amphora.
                                                                                                                                                                                             We came to this conclusion based on the rise
        ...Wine is an invention of nature itself, not by humans. Our   ...To achieve superior quality, it is of the utmost importance             ...Our goal is to satisfy our customers' and our clients'   in temperature and an increase in the percentage
        analysis is at its core a measurement of the complicated   that our knowledge, acquired as a result of our research,                      needs, so we make them happy by carrying out all this   of carbon in the air. The tannins accumulated
        relationship between humans and the land. It is the restoration   is transferred to the people responsible for completing                 work to achieve the highest quality possible.   in grape berries will over time become sweeter
        of the link between people and the area they live in...  the final image of the wine...                                                   In our lab we study grapes and vines to achieve   because of climate change, which means we won't
                                                                                                                                                  our ultimate objective — the highest-quality wine   need oxygen in the refining process. Wooden
        ...Over 35 years we have been studying grape skin and   ...To achieve superior quality, we then pass our data on                          possible...                                barriques will also become obsolete. Can you see
        the berry directly in its sheath. The quality of a wine depends   to the team that works directly in the cellar...                                                                   what I'm getting at? History is practically winding
        95% on the quality of the substances concentrated in this very                                                                            ...Here is a device we invented ourselves: under   itself backwards!..
        part under the grape skin...                      ...Five times we have been granted the title of the best wine                           a pressure of 400 atm, it allows us to extract all the
                                                          producer in the world. Indeed, we first gained this recognition                         components needed to guarantee the best quality   ...Here, take a look at this glass. What purpose does
        ...The study of the berry helps us understand and assess all   when we managed to create a united team working together                   of wine. I came up with this machine 20 years ago.   this Saturn's ring serve? It's here to prevent the
        properties of grapes. This way, we can evaluate the potential of   to combine science, our laboratory and the wine cellar...              In fact, there's a joke running among my colleagues that   aroma from disappearing in the process of stirring.
        each area, plan the production process and make a schedule...                                                                             this device threw me back to the Stone Age forever...  In a sense, it directs the aroma back into the wine.
                                                          ...This is precisely how we try to arrange the process                                                                             In just 20 seconds, you will perceive 30% more
        ...Our research determines the color of wine, its taste and   at Badagoni as well. Creating wine of superior quality                      ...The Enosis Center is an active participant of various   of the wine's aroma, as these substances return
        fragrance — both the initial smell we perceive through our nose   is an ambitious project, where success depends directly                 international meetings and conferences, and often   to the wine. Naturally, this glass is the best option
        and the aroma that will reveal itself after years of ageing...  on knowledge.                                                             presents its researching findings...       for tasting sessions...
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