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6  Wine Club  Code de Vino #13  Code de Vino #13                     Bidzina Ivanishvili: Living by Law of Grapevine  7

 I will bury a grapeseed in warm soil,
 And I will kiss the grapevine,
 and pluck off the ripe bunches,
 And I will invite my friends,
 and open my heart to love —
 What else is there worth living
 for on this sinful earth?
 Bulat Okudzhava



                  Living by Law of Grapevine

                 Interview by Oleg Cherne

                      The conversation with Bidzina Ivanishvili about wine, vines and Georgia felt rather
                      like grape planting. We agreed in advance not to touch upon political issues, which
                      was in fact not necessary, as a comprehensive presentation of the Georgian
                      identity was well embodied by my interviewee. It is an impression of life as
                      a vivid, vibrant and highly organized process, based on respect for the people
                      and space of Georgia.

                      Each question created associations as if it were not an interview but a journey
                      through the fabric of time, through the fabric of Georgia, and each answer of my
                      interlocutor was imbued with love for his homeland. Georgia and love! An amazing
                      example of well-cared-for principles of human existence and curiosity about
                      human nature have created hidden horizons of exploration and knowledge
                      in Mr Ivanishvili.
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