Page 4 - Code de Vino, #4/09, a/w 2009
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2    Articles                                                                           Code de Vino #4


               Wine club                                           Products of Controlled Origin
        5      Gallery of experts                           44     What is life without meat?
                                                                   Leonid Gelibterman

               A talk with                                         Traveling with Taste
               Marchese Piero
               Antinori                                     50     Ruta 68,
               Interview by Oleg Cherne                            or the Wine Mystery of Argentina
              6                                                    Bohemia
                                                                   Author: Sergey Karasov

                                                                   Artist Serge Tchekhov:
                                                                   un aristocrate Russe
                                                                   Interview by Oleg Cherne

                                                                   Filled with taste

               Drinks from around the world                 68     Wine meditation
                                                                   Oleg Cherne
       14      Coffee chart                                 70     The La Ruche restaurant (Ufa)
                                                                   CDV Experts

               Wine critic
                                                                   Act of Creation
        18     Franco Ziliani
               Interview by Oleg Cherne                     72     Code de Vino presents:
                                                                   the Republic of Bashkortostan
                                                                   Authors: Lina Zainullina and Leila Lukmanova
                                                            80     Era of new medicine
        28     Top 10 new Australian wines in 2008                 Ernst Muldashev
               Jeremy Oliver
                                                                   Single bottle history
        32     Margaux Confidence
               (Chateau Lascombes, Bordeaux, 2005)
               Democratic wine                              84     Antinori Solaia (Tuscany, 2005)
        32     Lambouri Maratheftiko                               Oleg Cherne
               (Pathos, Cyprus, 2005)
               Elite Wine                                          Medicine
                                                            92     Osteopathy: Medicine of taste
               The way of wine
                                                                   Ekaterina Solovyova
        34     Etruscan sun feast                           95     Beer: Good for your bones
               Oleg Cherne                                         Konstantin Lyovin
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