Page 3 - Code de Vino, #14/20, w/s 2017
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Code de Vino #14                                                                      From the Editor  1

               From the Editor

               What happens when we buy a bottle of wine? We aren't just getting an alcoholic drink.
               It's a cultural object that shares its story with the consumer. And that story has multiple parts:
               the power of the location, the traditions of the region, the grape varieties the wine is made
               from, the conditions of the year the wine was produced, and, above all, the craftsmanship
               of the winemaker. The strength of all those elements is what determines the nature of the
               wine. If all those parts are drowned in mass production, if the wine isn't supported by
               a strong tradition, it loses its personal history. And can such wine really be a prominent
               cultural object, can it stand on its own? Unlikely. It is the combination of vivid, independent,
               and original qualities alongside regional traditions and the power of terrain that creates
               truly the deep wines we are going to discuss in this issue of Code de Vino.
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