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8  Wine Club  Code de Vino #12  Code de Vino #12                         Donato Lanati. Special Oenology Forces  9

          Prior to this interview, I had already visited        what are you talking about? Give me some
          the Georgian monastery of Alaverdi, talked            red instead!" To which he said: "No, try this
          to the co-founder of Badagoni, and knew that          one first." And then something unimaginable
          Donato Lanati, who worked with them, was              happened to me for the first time in my life —
          a world-renowned Italian oenologist and winner        for the entire night I drank that sparkling
          of the international Oscar del Vino award. Plus,      Badagoni Sexton Brut, nothing else.
 Interview by Oleg Cherne  I was aware that Wine Enthusiast magazine listed   So I exclaimed: "I positively must see Donato!"
          him among the top 5 best oenologists in the world.    So unusual and unexpected the drink was
 Donato Lanati  as he was already a renowned expert, he dared   The following course of events was also quite
          He created a one-of-a-kind research center, and
                                                                for me, and he was the key to it all.
          to accept a new challenge: he travelled
                                                                unusual: before the interview, as signor
          to Georgia, where he had never been before,
          in order to learn more about its ancient tradition
                                                                I was turning into champagne as well. What
          of winemaking and create truly supreme wine.          Donato showed me around his lab, I felt like
                                                                I mean here is that our talk in his lab filled me
 Special Oenology Forces  However, interviewing him wasn't on my list   with effervescent bubbles of excitement...
          of priorities until one day when the co-founder
                                                                And you know, no one but him has ever got
          of Badagoni, Georgi Salakaya, invited me              me in the mood for an interview quite like
          to his house and said: "I'd like you to try my        that before!
          champagne." I responded: "Oh, come on,
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