Water Map: Paradiso

Water: Paradiso (Paradiso, Italy)

pH value: pH 7.6

Code de Vino rating: 7/10


Paradiso is a natural table mineral water with mild, natural carbonation. Its spring is nestled in the Italian Alps, surrounded by an area of wild nature and unique flora.

After it passes through the deepest layers of mountain rocks, this water flows out onto the surface near the village of Paradiso di Pocenia in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, northeast Italy.

The spring is located at an altitude of 8 meters above sea level, and has a temperature of 13.6 °C. As it flows, the water of the spring is protected by large waterproof layers of clay.

In 2003, Paradiso S.p.A. founded the Fonte Corte Paradiso complex, where they bottle water from the spring. Only the latest technologies are used at the complex, which helps maintain the high quality and purity of their natural spring water.

This natural mineral water contains a healthy balance of salts and minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium and fluorine), which makes it light and easily digestible. It is suitable for everyday consumption. The distinctive features of Paradiso water are its high calcium content and pH of 7.6. Thanks to its high pH level, this water is excellent at quenching thirst. This pure, clear water has a pleasant smell and excellent taste. Taken together, these characteristics help this water hold its high competitive position in the market of high-quality water.

Thanks to its unique composition, this water is essential for anyone who is active on an everyday basis thanks to its ability to restore the water and mineral balance of the body.

This light mineral water is also excellent for making tea, as it allows the qualities of different herbs and teas to shine at their maximum. The minerality of Paradiso is considered low due to its low sodium content.

Paradiso slows down the cell ageing process, helping preserve a youthful physical and mental state for years. Considering that the temperature of Paradiso spring is 13.6 °C, it can be safely considered cold water, and also well suited to enhance digestion and maintain the needed mineral levels of the human body.