Page 3 - Code de Vino, # 16/22, s/s 2018
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3                                                                                        Code de Vino #16


               Wine Club                                      60     Getap Winery
                                                                     (Vedi-Alko CJSC)
        6      Armenia’s Wine President Vahe                         Vasily Prytkov
               Interview by Oleg Cherne                              Hin Areni Wines
                                                                     Maria Svetova
        14     Semina Consulting (WineWorks).
               Project Oenologist Arman Manukyan              64     Wine & Jazz Festival
               Interview by Tatiana Kotova                           At ArmAs Estate
               In this issue
                                                              66     Wines of Ijevan
        20     Winemaking in Armenia —                               Tatiana Kotova
               Regions, Methods, Grapes                              The Way of Wine
               Tatiana Kotova, Olga Sgibneva                  70     The Power of the Armenian Tradition

         30                       (Tierras de Armenia                Olga Stepina
                                          Karas Wines
                                           Olga Sgibneva             Personalia


        36     Armenia Wine
               A Chat with the Co-Founder of the
               Company Vahagn Mkrtchyan
               Interview by Tatiana Kotova

        42     Van Ardi                                                   Artur Sarkisyan
               Interview by Tatiana Kotova                                Interview by Tatiana Kotova
        46     Voskevaz
               Tatiana Kotova                                 82     Ignaty Arakelyan
                                                                     A Chat about Wine and Cognac
        50     Nver Kazaryan                                         Interview by Oleg Cherne
               Interview by Vasily Prytkov
                                                              96     Avag Harutyunyan — Head of the
        56     Kataro Wines (Domaine Avetissyan)                     National Wine Center Maran Winery
               Tatiana Kotova                                        Interview by Tatiana Kotova
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