Page 2 - Code de Vino, # 16/22, s/s 2018
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Code de Vino #16                                                                      От редакции    2

            EDITOR’S NOTE

            Dear friends,

            In this issue of Code de Vino we present the space of Armenia. Our team of experts has been exploring
            the region for several years, and what has initially begun as a professional research, quickly grew into
            something personal to each one of us. We were filled with deep respect for this country of ancient
            winemaking tradition, and, more importantly, the place where this tradition is alive. It speaks to us the
            common language of everyday life, manifests with vivid and bright colors – through Armenian people,
            marvelous cultural monuments, exciting cuisine or magnificent wines.

            For those who are just getting acquainted with the Armenian wines – you are up for a special treat. The
            series of revelations you are likely to encounter is profound: from unique ancient grape varieties (growing
            only here and never affected by the phyloxera) to the exquisite quality of the best wines of the country,
            executed in a traditional style with modern elegance.

            This is the big secret of Armenia – it is both a very old and very young country: a strong market ready
            and eager to create something modern and refined, but with respect to its ancient tradition. They say that
            you can come to Armenia, but you can never really leave – a part of your love will forever remain here
            amongst the amazing richness and beauty of this space.
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