Page 3 - Code de Vino, #13/19, a/w 2016
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Code de Vino #13                                                                       Editorial Note  1

               EDITORIAL NOTE

               Dear friends, in this issue we present a top selection of Georgian signature wines produced
               according to traditional local recipes. Georgia is a wondrous land of ancient winemaking tradition.
               It is barely a surprise that nearly every village there boasts its own grape varieties or original
               technology. Kakheti, Imereti, Svaneti, Megreli, Kartli... Code de Vino experts have explored
               a huge number of estates, picking only the best and most peculiar examples of the great
               Georgian winemaking tradition for presentation.

               It is often said that a mile in Georgia is equal to hundreds of miles in any other country —
               so rich this land is in power, experience, and life-loving people who do their best to preserve
               and build on this heritage. "We try to stay close to the roots of our culture. We make attempts
               to feel the thoughts and lives of our ancestors through the time, to absorb all that and then take
               a step into the future," says Metropolitan David of Amba Alaverdi.

               The unique values of Georgian winemaking are emphasized by its ties to the spiritual tradition.
               These days, just like centuries ago, monasteries have become cores around which the winemaking
               tradition is reborn and recreated. In Georgia, a person finds themselves inside a wondrous space
               rife with new opportunities and quality. Each time you come to Georgia, you will find something
               yet unseen and unknown.
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